We are a marketing and sales consultancy company headquartered in Tirana Albania, serving clients across Balkans and Europe.

  • Over the past years, we’ve offered ideas, proposals, branding, start up’s, advertising, promotional campaigns, and so much more.  We’ve offered a variety of solutions to help companies effectively develop products and experiences that are valuable to customers.
  • Our leadership team has experience across industries, marketing, promotions, sales platforms and functions allowing us to be creative and focus on our clients’ business needs and strategy. Our size means we are accessible and our team is always in reach.
  • We always strive for the highest level of customer service: quick responses to calls and emails, availability to meet you, courtesy, and pro-activity in relationships … this is part of Radar Consulting’s experience!
  • Our advisers understand the challenges you experience on a daily basis and make every effort to meet all of your requirements in real time.

From all of us at Radar, thank you for your continued support and contributions!